About us

Stepwise is a group of business leaders and business owners, working strategically towards the full scope of sustainability. Strategic sustainable development is a prerequisite for long-term viable companies. We agree on these standpoints: 

1.Strategic Sustainable Development is good business.
It is already profitable and in our self interest to stepwise develop our organizations towards the full scope of sustainability. 

2. It is possible since we can work Stepwise. 
We set our goals by using basic sustainability principles as the boundary conditions for what will work in the future, and then develop concrete actions to move strategically, taking steps at the right pace and in the right order, towards these goals.  

3. Progress is not fast enough. We want more.
The transition towards sustainability is too slow. We want to increase the pace of change and therefore want to see more efficient political incentives.

4.Today’s economic system favours shortsighted behavior.
The prevailing global economy is dominated by norms and practices that consume social and ecological capitals. This leads us into a future where life-essential ecosystems as well as social systems are deteriorating. These costs are made invisible in our current ways of accounting.   

5. We can act together today, we need not wait for international agreements.
Individual organizations, regions and nations do not have to wait for global agreements in order to act on this call. Strategic sustainable development in line with the above offers us a competitive edge, while at the same time aiding society in the necessary global transition.