A Call for Future-Fit Governance

Sustainability is scientifically defined by robust operational principles. Scientific studies of planetary boundaries show global systemic consequences of humanity’s present, unsustainable behavior. We know that the economy currently powering our civilization comes with yet-to-be-payed external costs, some of which are unthinkable: We are fast approaching biophysical tipping points and risk irreversibly pushing the world into a state dangerously unfavorable to civilization and all higher life-forms. The historic COP 21 Paris Agreement shows that, although we still lack sufficient plans even for urgent climate actions, we now have widespread, at least partial, recognition of the need for profound change. This is an urgent call to move further and act faster to secure a sustainable future.

In order for agriculture, fisheries, transportation, housing, industry and other crucial sectors to work in the future, they all need to comply with the sustainability principles. We represent businesses currently working to realize this transition towards sustainability.
We call on business leaders and policymakers at all levels to engage with the Stepwise method, and to adopt and implement sustainability strategies for future-fit governance.

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